Welcome to Winter Park's most prestigious preschool for your pups. Conveniently located at 2125 W. Fairbanks Ave in Winter Park, Florida, we offer a structured environment focused on promoting a positive experience for both pups and parents. Our facility is small and quaint, providing 2,000 sq ft of indoor play and an outdoor fenced play yard with the ability to separate by size and play styles.

Our pups experience a variety of structured activities daily including guided leashed pack walks by our trained handlers around Lake Killarny and the surrounding neighborhood, outdoor play and splash time, mental stimulation and training, and free play throughout the day with toys and proper play.

During the hours of 7am - 7pm, your pup will practice leashed walking, basic skills and manners, and learn positive play through supervised socialization.

Contact us  at 407.951.3168 for further details and to learn more about future training options taught by Every Dog Has its Day R+ dog training.

Temperament Tests are extremely important for our staff and your pup, as we want every dog to feel safe and comfortable at daycare. During this brief time, parents wait in our lobby as we evaluate your dog to ensure we are the right fit for them. We look closely at their behavior and social cues as well as those of the chosen few we pair them with to ensure proper communication is taking place. At the end of the 15-20 minutes it takes for the test to complete, you and your pup leave to return another day. This enables the dogs to get a sense that they are not being dropped off for good but rather are spending all or part of a day with friends.

If our test shows that your dog isn't suited for our daycare, do not fret as some dogs prefer solitude and human companionship. Dog Daycare isn't for everyone and we understand that. We proudly offer services that enable satiation for your dog in the comfort of their own home through dog walking, pet sitting and check in services.

Daycare pricing

Single Day:              $40
5 day package:        $35/ day
10 day package:      $30/ day
20 day package:      $26/ day
30 day package:     $23/ day

Monthly Unlimited: $575/ month

Why us?

  • Our daycare offers multiple playrooms that can be transformed into different sizes based on temperament and personalities of the dogs

  • Fully Air conditioned

  • Low dog to handler ratio to ensure your pet’s safety

  • Enhanced training of every staff member

  • Indoor games and activities to tire your pups out

  • Outdoor activities such as pack walks and a play yard to further provide stimulation

  • Pool parties!

  • All staff is Pet CPR trained

  • Two daycare Vets on call

  • One stop shop for all of your dogs needs, including training, grooming, nail trims, food and treats, collars, leashes and more!

What is required?

  • A passed temperament test

  • A copy of each pet’s vaccination records

  • A signed contract (located on the front page)

hours of operation

Monday - Friday: 7am - 7pm
Hourly Services available: inquire within


Taxi Services

We at Paws Abound know that traffic is frustrating and not getting any better. So to ease the dread of dropping off and picking up your pup from daycare, we provide taxi services. For $7.00 per trip up to 5 miles from daycare, our handlers can ensure your fur children arrive to and from daycare safely. We are fully licensed and insured in case of any accident. We are also able to taxi your fur children to the vet or pick up any necessary items such as food and toys to ease the constant hustle and bustle of your family's daily life. We're here to help because you're family.


Taxi Fares

1 to 5 miles  -  $7.00 per trip

5 to 7 miles   -  $10.00 per trip  

7 to 10 miles    -  $15.00 per trip