Staycation Sitting: The Alternative Boarding

Staycation Sitting: The Alternative to Kennel Boarding


As we become more acutely aware of dog cognition and behavior, it is important to interpret how our everyday environment affects our furry family members. For most pup-obsessed parents like me, our four-legged companions are as much a part of our family as our children. They attend daycare, training classes, enjoy trips to the park and outdoor events, join us for afternoon brunch and evening dinners on the avenue. So, it’s only fitting that when families venture off to enjoy a vacation, our four legged family members do the same. With the summer upon us, it is important for families to be comfortable with their chosen boarding selection and have peace of mind that their pets are loved, cared for and above all, are safe. So, what determines a good selection? How does a pup-obsessed parent know that they made the right decision? It all depends on your dog.

Not all boarding options are the same and not all pets will thrive in the same way. This is where understanding your own dog and their behavior becomes a factor. Society has elevated the status of dogs among humanity and following suit are the different varieties of services available to care for them. Among these are staycation & vacation home boarding. This is an alternative to kennel boarding. Rather than housing numerous dogs from an abundance of communities in the same facility, having them in crates, cages or “suites” for the duration of their stay unsupervised, staycation and vacation home boarding allows your dog to enjoy the comforts of a home; whether it be a licensed professionals home or your own. This option is a wonderful alternative for the elderly, anxious, siblings, or a household full of furry family members. In a staycation pet care alternative, a licensed, insured and bonded professional house sits, providing multiple walks, visits, transports to dog daycare if desired and spends the night in your home. This ensures lower stress and anxiety for the animals as they do not need to leave the comfort of their environment, nor deal with an unusual and sometimes very scary situation of being left with strangers. A vacation home alternative does just the opposite and rather than the sitter staying with the dogs, the dogs stay with them. This allows the dogs to enjoy the comforts of a home by enjoying free range inside, open play outside with a fenced in yard, and lavish love and cuddles on the furniture. Not to mention constant supervision day and night to guarantee peace of mind for the parents.

With so many alternative varieties to kennel boarding, it is important for parents to research beforehand and plan ahead, so they know and are comfortable with wherever they choose for their pets. As with all the research that goes into planning a family vacation, the same amount of planning needs to occur with the pet’s vacation. Find the right destination, ask the right questions, know your pet’s needs, and stay within budget but not by compromising the safety and cleanliness that you expect. After all, that is what boarding is for your furry family members; a vacation. Whether it be through a staycation or a vacation home boarding alternative, we need to ensure our furry children have a safe, fun, and stress-free experience because in the end, that’s what matters. Peace of mind that every member of the family is enjoying their vacation.